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Short Love Whatsapp status

Every love story is beautiful, But ours is My Favorite!

Falling in Love is easy…But staying in Love is very special…

Rose is red, sky is blue, my love is true only for you.

Love doesn’t need a reason. Pure Love will come from the heart without reason. And stay every season.

Love doesn’t need to be perfect.It needs to be true.

Love is the other NAME Of Respect, if you can’t Respect your loved One then you don’t deserve to be loved.

Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind.

The good things in life are amazing with you!

I can’t promise to fix all your problems, but i promise you won’t face them alone.

You are my best reason to lose sleep.

I am in love with you and all your little things..

The person who truly loves you will never let you go whatever the situation is.

Love is friendship Set on Fire

I just want to be your favorite Hello, and Hardest goodbye.

Am i just crazy or falling in love?

Love is what your heart feels, not what your mind thinks.

The moment i saw you, i fell in love & you smiled because you knew.

Every time i see the keyboard, i always see U & I together.

The true love is that changes you into a better person without changing you to someone else.

I would love to stay awake just to watch you Sleep.

Being with you has made me 100% complete..

Kiss me, & You will see stars, Love me and i will give them to you…

Love is life, & if you miss life, You miss Love.

We loved with a love which was more then Love..

My 6 words love story – I can’t imagine Life without you.

Every time i see you I fall in love all over again.

My heart is and always be yours forever.

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Short Funny Whatsapp Status (New)

I know I’m not perfect, I’m vintage, which means my flaws make me priceless!

Congratulations!!My tallest finger want to give you a standing ovation.

Maths and women are the two most complicated things in this World. BUT… Maths, Atleast, has LOGIC

I always dream of being a millionaire like my uncle!… He’s dreaming too.

I should win an Oscar for acting like I’m busy at work.

The reason good men are hard to find is because they’re usually too busy working.

Fact: You wish Facebook had the middle finger button.

I’m not a vegetarian but I eat animals who are.

You can’t make everyone happy, so today I think you should focus on me.

The voices in my head are not real, but they have good ideas.

If you’re wondering why you’re single, date someone. You’ll remember

Waiter: Would u like ur coffee black sir? Me: What other colors do u have?

The best way to let people remember you is to ‘borrow money from them’


Short Whatsapp status about life:-

Life is a story, Make yours the best seller!

Life will always try to make things hard, but every time you overcome those obstacles, you becomes stronger.

At the end of the day, life should ask us, ‘Do you want to save the changes?’

Everyone comes in our life for a reason. Those who don’t have any, stay.

Life goes on……With or without you 🙂

The quality of your life is the quality of your relationships.

I’ve learned if you love life, life will love you back sooner or later.

If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.

Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

Love the life you live, and live the life you love.

With the change in seasons,people change people from their life

Life is like a bar of soap, once you think you’ve got a hold of it, it slips away.

Silence is the most loud voice.

Only regret left at the end is the Chances we didn’t take.

Sometimes we just have to let things go.

I am sad, but then i smile. That’s my life.

No expectations, No disappointments.

Life is short, smile till you still have teeth.

A simple hello could lead to million things.

Dreams Don’t work unless you do.

You best teacher is the mistake you made in past.

My playlist can tell you the story of my life.

If i treated you the way you trated me, you would hate me.

You don’t need a reason to help people.

Forget your age and live your life.


Short whatsapp status in Hindi

Tera ego to 2 din ki kahani hai, par meri akad khandani hai.

Jo apse dil se baat karta hai use kabhi dimaag se jawab mat dena.

Maan lo to haar hogi, Thaan lo to jeet hogi.

Nazar teri buri aur burkha mein pehnu?

Akal badaam khane se nahi, dhokha khane se badti hai.

Baat unki hoti hai jinki koi aukat hoti hai.

Sharafat ki kitab mein hume aaj bhi khalnayak kehte hai.

Dil bada hona chahiye, Chota to bheem bhi hai.

Jindagi kisi ke liye nahi badalti bas jeene ki wajah badal jati hai.

Jindagi mein lambai nahi gehrai honi chahiye.

Jindagi to apne dum pe jiti jati hai, dusre ke kundho pe to arthi uthti hai.

Jo sapne dekhne ki himmat rakhte hai wo puri duniya jeet sakte hai.

Khoobsurat log hamesha acche nahi hote, achhe log hamesha khoobsurat hote hai.

Matlabi duniya ka kissa hi khatm, Aaj jis tarah ki duniya Us tarah ke hum.

Tu yeh mat soch tu chod degi to toot jaunga, kameena hun tujhse achhi pataunga.

Jindagi se humne kabhi udhar nahi liya, Kafan bhi lenge to jaan deke.

Duniya ka asool hai, jab tak kaam hai tera naam hai, warna door se salaam hai..!!

Jindgi mein apne kirdaar aise jio ki parda girne ke baad bi taliya baje.

Chale jayenge tujhe tere haal par chodkar, kadar kya hoti hai tujhe waqt sikha dega.

Funny Whatsapp Status Updates.

Only 2 things can change women’s mood- 1) I love you, 2) 50% Discount!!

If people talk behind your back, then Just Fart!!

Money talks but All mine ever says is Goodbye!!

With Great power, Comes great electricity bill.

Yes mam, I am drunk, but in the morning i’ll be sober and you’ll still be ugly..

I stopped fighting my inner demon, we are on the same side now.

Hard work never killed anybody, But why take a chance?

I will marry a girl that looks pretty in her adhaar card..!!

Women may not hit harder but they hit Lower…

Someone on his status is sleeping for 5 days, He might be dead…

I love to ask kids what they want to be when they grow up, coz i am still looking for ideas.

You call me lazy, truth is that i am on my energy saving mode.

Having one child makes you a parent, having 2 makes you a referee.

The day i was born, DEVIL said: Ohh Competition!!

Ofcourse i talk to myself, Every once in a while you do need expert advice!!

Funny hindi short whatsapp status

Bol rahi thi i don’t love you, Pyar mein dhokha isliye Thokaaa…

Shadi khud ki girlfriend se karni chahiye, doosro ki girlfriend se to gharwale bhi kara dete hai.

Jindagi Rude hai to kya hua, Hum bhi to Dude hai.

Cool short whatsapp status:-

If Plan A didn’t work, Alphabet has 25 more letters so stay cool.

Strong people never put others down, They lift them up…

Sugar? No thanks, i am already sweet..

I plan to make rest of my life, the best of my life!!

Common sense is like deodorant, the people who need it most never use it.

Hey god, if you can’t make my slim, please make my friends fat!!

You should understand It’s ok not to be perfect.

I am not special, I am a limited edition.

A Negative attitude is like tire without air, if you don’t change it, you won’t go anywhere

Strong positive attitude can create more miracles then any wonder drug.

I am really sorry if i changed, but you changed too…

I am Just Kind, You will regret if you think i am weak

I know i am awesome, and i don’t need your opinion.

Silence speaks thousand words.

If my attitude could kill, it would be called AK47

A problem is not really a problem, The real problem is your attitude towards that problem.

Real difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude.

Life is an art of drawing without eraser.

If people are talking behind your back, then just fart…

Emotional/sad short status for whatsapp

If you left me without any reason, then don’t come back with an excuse 🙁

If someone can walk out of your life that means they never really cared.

I miss you but i am not going to text you first because i want to see if you miss me more.

Karma does not have a menu, it serves what you deserve.

Attitude Whatsapp Status

I don’t care if other people don’t like me, after all i am not a facebook status.

Life is 10% what happens to you & 90% is how you react to it.

Before you judge me, Make sure that you are Perfect!!

Only difference between a good and bad day is your attitude!

If you think you are bad then i am your Dad

Don’t give me attitude, i have got one of my own.

Your attitude may hurt me, But mine can Kill You!!

Yes i am smiling but you are no longer a reason for this..

Cute Status updates

You call it jealousy, I call it fear of losing you!

If you are single, all you see is happy couples, When in a relationship, all you see is happy singles..

Deleting my feelings for you….. !!ERROR!! file is too Big..

Stars can’t shine without darkness..

You wanna know who i am in love with? Read the first Word.

I like it when you smile, but love it when i am the reason.

No love is greater then mom’s love, No care is greater then dad’s care.

Experience is the gift you get when you don’t get what you wanted.

Friendship Status updates for whatsapp

A true friend is the one who accepts who you are but also help you become what you should be.

Our friends make our world.

True friends say good things behind your back and bad things on your face.

Some friends come into your life for a reason, most come just for a season.

We don’t lose the friends, we just find out who the real ones are.

Good friends are like stars, you dont always see them but you know they are there.

Best friends make your good time better and your worst time easier.

Fakes friends are around they thing you are cool, Real friends are around even when they think you are fool.


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