3 Listen Live to WMT Radio Myths, Debunked in 3 Minutes

3 Listen Live to WMT Radio Myths, Debunked in 3 Minutes

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Live to wmt radio if you are looking for some good live radio stations to listen to, you should consider checking out WMT Radio. Not only does this station offer a wide variety of music, but it also features news and sports. This means that you will never miss any of your favorite bands and teams!


If you live in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area and you’re interested in staying up to date with news and local events, WMT is the station for you live to wmt radio . This station airs a variety of talk programs as well as some entertainment shows. It is also the home of the Iowa Hawkeyes basketball games. Founded in 1922, WMT is a local radio station and operates on a regional AM broadcast frequency.

The station is owned by iHeartMedia, Inc. and its studios are located in Cedar Rapids. It’s also licensed to the city of Waterloo live to wmt radio . With a 2-tower transmitter array near Marion, Iowa, the station is able to reach most of the state of Iowa during daylight hours.

Since 1997, the station has been granted exclusive broadcast rights to the sports of the Iowa Hawkeyes live to wmt radio . In addition to sports, WMT has hosted a variety of other programs, including “The Iowa Lawn and Garden Show” and “What’s Happening w/ Ryan S.”

WMT Radio has a variety of subscription plans live to wmt radio . Some of the packages include access to various contests, political updates and entertainment information.

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WMT is a news/talk radio station that airs from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Its signal reaches most of Iowa during daylight hours live to wmt radio . The station’s signature is its simulcast of the Big Show with Andy Petersen and Bob Quinn, although it also has an array of other programs. Some of the programs on the station include the news n’ more and the Open Line, both of which are notable for a variety of reasons.

In the radio industry, the Open Line is a well-known program, though it is also a bit dated. The Open Line was reintroduced to the WMT audience in 1963 and is still being airborne today. Other notable features of WMT are its swanky studios co-located with former sister station KGAN-TV, its transmitter array located near Marion, and its slick website. There are plenty of other features to enjoy, too, such as several membership plans, the opportunity to listen to WMT live sports, and the chance to win a car prize live to wmt radio .


WMT Radio is a radio station that broadcasts a wide variety of entertainment programs. Its programs include on demand news, sports, music, and various contests. In addition, it offers information on entertainment venues and weather updates live to wmt radio . The station also provides news on political issues.

The station has studios in Broadcast Park, located on Collins Road in Cedar Rapids live to wmt radio . Throughout the day, it also simulcasts 15-minute newscasts from its sister station, WMT AM 600. Moreover, it has several membership plans that provide a wide range of benefits.

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Among the entertainment programs that it broadcasts are Broadway musicals, jazz, and classical music. It also hosts a wide variety of contests and other special events. From time to time, it joins forces with the WMT to promote promotional events. Likewise, it often simulates severe weather to provide updates on weather conditions.

News and talk radio is another major aspect of the station. The station broadcasts from the United States and features a range of news and information.

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In a rare moment of recognition, two WMT Radio hosts paid tribute to their longtime colleague Randy Lee. After more than three decades of service, Lee finally retired from his job Monday. As a veteran news reporter and program director, he has seen the industry change from vinyl records to the streaming era. His retirement marks the end of a career that began in 1975 at a student station at Coe College in Cedar Rapids.

Lee has worked at several radio stations in Iowa, including 1600 KCRG in Cedar Rapids and 800 KXIC in Iowa City. During his career, he has also covered floods in 2008 and a tornado in Parkersburg. He has also been involved with covering derecho and the pandemic this year. When he was on the air Monday, Doug Wagner praised him for his work, citing the dedication he has shown to the station.

Erick Zamora, who is the Program Director at WMT, also paid tribute to Lee. He said that his colleague has worked hard and put in long hours. “Randy has had a huge impact on our programming,” he said. The station has been broadcasting The Open Line since 1963. It is also the home of the My Car Geek Hour with Jay Cassill.