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How about some Birthday Whatsapp Status to wish your dear ones on their Birthday. Here is some Whatsapp Status For Birthday which is unique and quite cool to be updated as a status. I am pretty sure that you might be thankful to me once you read all these really creative and different words and quoting to impress your dearest friend, brother, sister, mother, father or even your cousin’s neighbours and employee whoever it concerned because you won’t find such cute one in the whole web for sure.

So if you ask a person about his favourite day about himself to remember it would be nothing other than his/her Birthday a special time when the person will be the centre of attraction getting all affection and love together from all who are really admired in the life. So these Birthday Status is, therefore, to make a worthy and awesome moment to look back. You could create a sweet memory by saying it loud on Whatsapp. Just take your device and type something like this.

I have to mention that all the following are suitable for every type of people and have unlimited usage because even if you are a dad or mom it doesn’t matter. These amazing Birthday Status For Whatsapp can also be used on Facebook and even on Viber and Hike after all the choice is yours to make.


Just& before the clocks strike twelve “o” clock let me take this opportunity to remind you or let u know that you have grown a year more and i am the first one to wish you :D.

Just& only ur age, and of course not the wrinkles you have. Count the blessings and the wonderful experience not the mistakes you have made. There is a long journey ahead my dear, I wish you all the very best to move ahead and live long..

Angels& are singing, the sun is shining, today is your birthday & we are celebrating. You are my angel and i do love you lots.

Ahem& today is the day i got my precious (not the ring from lord of the rings lol) and “mention friends name here” now its party time since you have been with me since a long time and i am blessed to have a wonderful friend like you.

There & will be good times and bad times lucky and unlucky days. But there is no other time like the day you were born to this world. yes history was made when “persons name” was born on “date”.haha

Today & is Mr xyz’s Birthday and we all are gonna party hard in his home, and everyone are cordially invited to be there on time.lel sorry my dear there is no fun other than celebrating your birth.

Oh & lord i thank thee for today, Yes this day on calender is very much special for me as it is this day you gifted my daddy to this world and as his son/daughter i am the most luckiest person alive in this world.

There& are 366 days in a year But there is only one day that we couldn’t miss It is of course my wife/daughters/son/parents birthday And even this year i haven’t missed it oh yeah. Get ready for some surprises today and spoiler alerts haha.

I& feel so lucky to have you; sometimes I even feel jealous of myself! Happy bday my love.

I& feel so lucky to have you; sometimes I even feel jealous of myself! Happy bday my love.

Many& many Happyiest returns of the day my mate I can’t imagine of living without you. Thinking of you always makes me smile. Live long and forever till someone finds life on pluto 😀 lol

May your every wish come true today. Happy birthday!

Look up to the future and try to achieve all that you have ever dreamed of. Happy birthday!

Your birthday is a very special day for it reminds us that you came in this world on this day to bring joy in our lives. Happy birthday!

Wishing you tons of happiness and good health on this special day of yours. Happy birthday!

Have lots of joy and fun for the best day of the year has come. Happy Birthday!

On this wonderful day, I wish you good health, happiness and prosperity. Happy Birthday!

A very happy birthday to an awesome person who keeps on spreading cheer all around. Thank God for sending you in my life. You ahem really changed my world for the better. Happy Birthday!

May your birthday bring you everlasting peace and happiness. Happy Birthday!

May you get all that you have ever desired for in your life. Wishing you a very happy birthday.

It is time to set new goals and achieve them. Wishing you a very happy birthday.

Wishing my dear friend a very happy birthday.


May you get lots of friends who would always stand by you in times of need. God sent you in this world with a purpose and that was to spread joy and happiness all around you. Keep up the good work and happy birthday!

Wishing you a birthday filled with lots of happiness, joy and of course delicious sweets and cakes. Happy birthday!

A very happy birthday to an awesome person who keeps on spreading cheer all around.Thank God for sending you in my life. You ahem really changed my world for the better. Happy birthday!

God sent you in this world to spread happiness and cheer all around. Wishing a very happy birthday to the most awesome person on earth.Another candle gets added to your birthday every yer, but the light emitting from those candles also increases. So, keep on spreading happiness and joy in the lives of others. Happy Birthday!

Birthdays are occasions of joy and fun, but they are also a reminder of the wonderful life we have led so far. Happy Birthday!

So, you have grown a year older today. Have fun and thank God for the gift of life. Happy Birthday!

Thanks for helping e out in times of trouble. You are truly my best friend. Wishing you a very happy birthday.Today is a very special day because it is the birthday of the most amazing person in the world. Wishing you tons of happiness. Enjoy the day!



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Whatsapp Status For Birthday
There you have enough one-liners and quotes to rain upon your account or to even include in greeting cards or in handwritten personal letters. So my job of helping you is obviously done and I confident that these Birthday Whatsapp Status were really useful. So all the very best in applying them and do inform me about the responses.

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