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Attitude Status: Hii Guys Today I am Sharing With you an Attitude Whatsapp Status Collection in Hindi and English Language. Attitude Short Status and Quotes for Whatsapp Facebook is Given Below. You can check the Given below collection of Best Attitude Status for Whatsapp.

Top Attitude Whatsapp Status:

Problem is not the Problem.,Problem is your bad attitude…

Being “Single” is My Attitude!

Anyone who never make mistake they can never try to solve problem!..

If you can follow all the rules then there is not fun!..

My attitude is Depend on how u treat me.

I don;t come with Card so not play me!..

My door is always open so can meet at any time!..

I tried being like u but my personality didn’t like it.

Patience is not a virtue. !Its just waste of Time…

My attitude is always in my pocket!!

My attitude is depends on the behavior of your!!!

Attitude is the power which can grown up!!

My life my hobby is my attitude!!

Don’t play with me because I am champion..

I am not a special Person ,But I am just limited edition.

Stop checking my Status, Go and Do Your Work.!!

An ugly personality destroy a pretty face.

I don’t hate Peoples ,I just love Peoples who loves me.

Status Unavailable! Check Later…

Always stay true to yourself ,& never sacrifice who are you for anyone.

If some one hate you without ,reason then Give the reason to him..!

!Good Girl are those which can help people, Bad Girl have no time to help…

I hate when people look at my status and say “Its Bakwas”.

I wish I could have Genie who could make my dreams come true….

Don’t See My Status, Appointment is needed..

if people have a problem with you then ask him her problem!..

Attitude is like wrist watch–. Every watch shows different time ,!than other and everyone thinks his watch is showing right time.:D

Adopt a right attitude make you the negative thinking to postive thinking!

You are today where your thoughts have brought you; !!!you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take u.

Weakness of attitude become weakness you!

I can’t change the destination of wind but I can change the bad thinking of mine…

A bad attitude is plane tire if you not change it you can never think positive!..

I never insult people I only tell them what they are.

I’m not changed it’s just I grew up and you should try too.

The biggest slap to your enemies is your success.

If you think I am BAD than you’re wrong, I’m the worst.

I’m sorry my fault. I forgot you’re an Idiot.
I always arrive late at the office but I make it by leaving early

My attitude based on how you treat me.
I don’t have a bad handwriting, I have my own FONT.

Yeah You – The one reading my status, Get Lost!

I know the voices in my head aren’t real but sometimes their ideas are just absolutely awesome.

Hakuna Matata!!! – The great motto to live life…

When a bird hits your window have you ever wondered if God is playing angry birds with you?

Dear Mario, I wasted my childhood trying to save your girlfriend. Now, you help me to save mine.

I loved a girl and she broke my heart. Now every piece of my heart loves different girls. People called it flirt that’s not fair…

Childhood is like being drunk, everyone remembers what you did, except you.

I and my wife live happily for 25 years and then we met…

When I’m good I’m best, when I’m bad I’m worst.
I’m poor. I can’t pay attention in the classroom.

Excuse me. I found something under my shoes oh it’s your Attitude.

Please don’t get confused between my personality & my attitude.

A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.

Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one.

Friends are notes to life’s great songs. A melody that carries you along.

True friendship is sitting together in silence and feeling like it was the best conversation you’ve ever had.

I don’t have an attitude, I have standards for the people who are supposed to be my friends.

A best friend is someone who tells you the truth even when you don’t want to hear it.

A true friend sees the first tear, catches the second an stops the third.

It is better to live alone. There is no friendship with a fool.

That awesome moment when you’re telling a lie and your best friend notices and joins you.


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So these above given are the best Attitude Status and Quotes for Whatsapp and for Facebook. This above collection of attitude Whatsapp Status contains a Short and Large 2 lines 1 line status in English. All we are know that attitude is the first expression of human that is why all the people select the best and popular Status of attitude. Attitude status is that which can show the expression to other by using it on the whatsapp status line.
So that attitude status is also available in Hindi and Punjabi The link is given above.if you want an attitude whatsapp dp pics then it is also available you can get it from the above label. If you like the collection of that attitude whatsapp status then share it with your friends on facebook and whatsapp etc. I hope your friends will like this collection of Best and Famous Attitude Quotes Status.

[Best] Attitude Status For Whatsapp Collection
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